A sad, sad momma :(



case and point. duh. commen sense:

im so sorry bella

A couple of nights ago I got the worst sleep ever. Worst. First the power went off because of a huge storm, then the train coming through town kept beeping their horn (like who wants to hear that at 3 am? ) And then a crash….


My poor baby Bella was hit by a drunk driver. In my driveway. Im mad. He turned her a complete 180 degrees and broke her wheels, aka – no driving for bells. Not to mention he tore up our yard as well. Why thank you, Kind sir.

The cool guy (kidding) who hit my car obliviously sped off so we have no information on him, and he totaled my car (he broke bella’s axel (I think thats what it is)).


Bella I love you!!!!



About Simplicity

A born and raised Wolfpack girl with a love for God, laughter, and all things beautiful!
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