A sad, sad momma :(



case and point. duh. commen sense:

im so sorry bella

A couple of nights ago I got the worst sleep ever. Worst. First the power went off because of a huge storm, then the train coming through town kept beeping their horn (like who wants to hear that at 3 am? ) And then a crash….


My poor baby Bella was hit by a drunk driver. In my driveway. Im mad. He turned her a complete 180 degrees and broke her wheels, aka – no driving for bells. Not to mention he tore up our yard as well. Why thank you, Kind sir.

The cool guy (kidding) who hit my car obliviously sped off so we have no information on him, and he totaled my car (he broke bella’s axel (I think thats what it is)).


Bella I love you!!!!


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Not your Aunt Jemima’s Pancakes!

With the new house and an awesome kitchen to cook in, everyone has been taking turns cooking for our little “family”. There have been a lot of various meals around here including a healthy black bean quesadillas, homemade pasta sauces (with our fresh herbs and spices from our garden!), and my specialty, Whole Wheat Brown Sugar Banana Bread Pancakes! – Try saying that 5 times fast!

Breakfast for dinner is a favorite around here, so with a little pinning and a healthy state of mind I decided to try these very dense and filling pancakes!  I found this recipe from a blog called How Sweet it is (http://www.howsweeteats.com/2011/06/whole-wheat-brown-sugar-banana-bread-pancakes/), and I had to make a few changes to it. Once I added all of the separate mixtures together, I still noticed how dry the batter really was… we just added a bit more milk to make it a better consistency and it was great! I also added some oats to make it more filling!

Happy breakfast time!


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For MiMi!

Well this post is long over due considering I my last post was pictures of kale! I need more excitement in my life… 

For about a week now MiMi has been saying she is tired of looking at Kale, so here ya go mim’s – I am no longer busy and I can now prove to you I have a cool life outside of pictures of kale 🙂


I am so glad the semester had ended and I am officially in summer mode! I have to constantly remind myself that there is no more papers, tests, or cramming involved – and Its a bit refreshing! The only thing I am mad about is the teachers are taking so darn long to post grades, so thats annoying!

This past week has been full of packing up my stuff in the ADPI house taking it down two flights of stairs, putting boxes in bella, driving to my NEW HOUSE :), and taking that up another flight of stairs and then repeat! I am pooped from moving box after box and now I have a new found respect for movers who do that professionally – no thank you. I am finally settled in and I am LOVING every second of having my own room, and my own space! I was thinking the other day that I havent been living in my own space for about 2 years! 

The house is really cute and is owned by an actually family that moved away for the husbands job. So the house is very very spacious and actually we have too many rooms that we dont know what to do with them! My favorite room aside from mine is the sun room downstairs! Gabby and Sarah have put their desks in it and I think were gonna make it the study room! The light hits the room just perfect and its a quaint little add on to the house!

Ever since moving in we have had a mix of nice and not so nice neighbors hanging around and checking up on the “college girls”. One neighbor offered us some furniture, while another neighbor more than assured us that he doesnt want any “drunkenness, or naked people running around” — uh really? Give us a chance homeboy. 

All in all I am super excited to just chill this summer. School has been pretty hectic and I am excited to stray away from 10 and 20 page papers for a couple months! I am excited to cook dinners, breakfasts,watch movies,hang out on the back porch, sleep in, and live in a simple state of mind for a while! 

Check out our new chairs for the back porch!


Casually hanging out in them in HT! I think we are going to monogram them so that should be cute! 


Heres to a happy, and relaxing summer!


– jordan

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Super Food : Kale!

Now, I know going to the store to buy leaves and transforming them into chips seems a bit odd, but trust me, this snack is perfect!

This website ( http://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/9-health-benefits-of-kale.html ) shows that kale is good for just about anything!

— I fist wash the leaves and tear them apart from their branches (dont tear them up too much, the leaves tend to shrink in the oven).ImageImage

— make sure to dry out the leaves completely before placing them on the oven tray because they will not dry into chips as quick!

— Once on the tray, I add a little bit of seasoning and some olive oil!

–Toss the seasoning and olive oil around a little bit to make sure to cover all kale pieces!


— cook at 400 for around 10 minutes checking on them every so often!


— remove from oven and let cool for 10 minutes!

–Enjoy your super food guilt free! 

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Birthday time, acetone spills, basketball games,jungle time, and etc etc.

Well this title is a tad sporadic, but thats how life has been lately! There have been so many happenings in my simple little life that there has been no time to blog! So hmm… where to start?

As of lately I have been capturing some memorable moments through the iPhone, so here are a few updates on life!

1. Boo boos turned one! Cant believe it, it feels like I was speeding home from school yesterday to meet this little guy in the hospital. Cant wait to have fun with him on the beach this summer!

2. This guy came to visit me in charlotte! I must say whales and I were quite happy!

3. This is lexis, AKA  slexis… shes so cool. We enjoy coffee, being bunk buds, baking bean brownies, playing possum, playing pitter patter, being roomies,  Eating organic food from whole foods, wearing cool ambassador polos, loving alphie, and making weird faces. 🙂

4.  Let me introduce to you the healthiest dessert ever. Full of fiber and protein! Simply take the can of beans and dump all of its contents into a food processor. Add that blend to the dry brownie mix. Mix and badda bing badda boom you have brownie mix! Bake a little less time according to the box! This recipe eliminates all of the eggs and oils that are added to your typical brownie. Plus… you cant even taste the beans! — Trick someone today 🙂


5. Happy 21st to someone very special! We had a mini surprise party for him with all of his friends! We then danced into the night at southland ballroom to some Liquid Pleasure- an awesome band!

6. What we do when adpi has no toilet paper…. go to el cerro, enjoy some food, and steal some tp. Whoopsies 🙂

7. So sarah is a dumbo and decided to remove her nails in acetone… in a styrofoam bowl… simply a huge mess, but so so so funny. It ruined my lappy desk, but she ordered me a new one! hahahahahahh– im still laughing about this even as I type it.  Btw, still have a stain on the floor, oh to leave our mark!

8. Found from pinterest… I dont know what is better, a water bed or water around your bed. Morning swim anyone?


9. Chevron is my new obsession! I really want to add this pattern to my new room in the fall! I have no clue of what colors I want to use!

10.  I present to you: Seats from nosebleed section! It was a great win against BC. Im going to take advantage of these free tickets in my undergrad career, because they sure do get pricey when you graduate!

Lucky #11. Jungle time!  We had a jungle function a couple weeks ago and it was so fun to see everyone dress up in animal print (and panthers jereseys – how clever)!!!



Well thats all! Hopefully I can keep it short and sweet next time!


Off to live simply and relax by the beach! (what a great break from school)


Love Jordy

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“Back to school, back to school, to prove to my dad im not a fool!”

Good Afternoon!!!

Currently writing this from my DESK, in RALEIGH, taking a break from CLASS…. you guessed it, Im back to school to appreciate a new fresh semester! Dont get me wrong, I do miss the fam, chilling with my little clarkster, sleeping in, walking whaler, and baking with my momma, but it is good to be back in action and back to a normal routine! 


This semester I am FINALLY getting into my nutrition classes which makes me super excited because I think ill be able to focus more in classes that I actually like! Some classes include Abnormal Psychology, (One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest, anyone?)  I am beyond excited about this class because for some strange reason those pshyciatric disorders FASCINATE me! Im also taking a global food class (ehhhh, its ok so far), Running conditioning (basically you run and learn about cardiovasuclar excercise — My. Cup. Of. Tea), Nutrition Seminar, Organic Chemistry II ( put a fork in me, im so done with this class and it hasnt even started), and last but not least, Maternal and Youth Nutrition ( this class needs my name in it. It fits my future aspirations perfectly!! It includes diet of the mother, baby,family, and pre and post delivery! I cant wait to learn more and more about all of this! I dont have an exact clue what I will be doing years from now, but I hope to make an impact on pregnant women and newborns in some way, and Im beyond excited to see what opportunities come my way 🙂 ). 


Along with classes, Im making sure to have some fun too! We have a jungle themed mixer coming up soon (lord knows what i’m going to wear), Clark’s turning one, and just going out with the girls in general! According to my sisters and Brian, these four years are oh so very short, so I must make time to live it up as well! 


Off to organize my life! (Is it bad that I havent even bought binders yet?!! I dont want to accept the fact that school has started havent had time yet!!! HA! 




or “borby”- according to clark 🙂

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City of Oaks 13.1? CHECK!

A couple months ago I was able to run my very first half marathon! I had been trainging and preparing since the middle of June and I couldnt barely wait to tackle those 13.1 miles! I surprised myself and finished in under 2 hours!  It was such a invigorating feeling crossing that finish line, knowing that I just conqured that many miles! Defininately something I MUST do again, maybe a full marathon in the future?!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SO SOO SOOO thankful for all of my friends for surprising me at the finish line! I have no idea why I was crying hahah!!!

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